Jack of all trades

Jasmene Mone’t Wells was born in Marion, SC. She came from a family of musicians and singers. At the age of 12, her mother Pamela Wells, who also sung with a AME choir and gospel group purchased her very first keyboard. One rainy Saturday afternoon, Jasmene went into her room and taught herself how to play Beethoven Fifth Symphony. Her mother would give her a list a songs needed to play for the gospel group “Goddess”.

Jasmene’s love for music grew. Shortly afterwards, through her gospel background, she later on learned how to play the drums in church. She would practice on her keyboard every morning and every evening. Her mother also encouraged her to sing. Throughout her school years, she began to write and compose her own songs. After graduating from high school in 2015, she joined the Army. She continued to play the piano and sing with the choir in Grafenwoehr Germany. She also participated in the Jazz Concert located in Grafenwoehr as well. PhenomJK’s music style consist of a little bit of R&B, Hip Hop, Gospel and the sultry sounds of Neo-Soul.

In 2020, her mother introduced her to Blu Diaz, a Brooklyn hip hop artist and the host of the Underground Villenz DTF radio station. Through that relationship on September 2nd 2020, she was interviewed by Jwritezzz The Poet. Shortly after that, she performed on the Twisted Tour in Tampa Florida hosted by Nene Lioness. In addition to the Twisted Tour, Phenomjk performed in Sarasota Fl hosted by Sally Sweets. Phenomjk has also worked with signed christian rap artist in 2019. She also appeared in J-Robs gospel music video Tame The Tongue.

With three mixtapes, one album and eight singles put out she is not done. Phenomjk is currently working on several other projects featuring legendary Artist’s. Her music is currently streaming on all major platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube and Pandora Music. This artist does not stop there, you can also visit her Website for the link to her merchandise store. The singer, songwriter, music producer, musician and rapper is not done yet. As the future unravels, Phenomjk grows synonymous with the best of the best.

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Phenomjk " A Whole Lotta" ( Official Music Video)